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Tony Morris

Meet the Expert: Tony Morris

Tony won’t help your sales team win new clients; he will help them win ravings fans who will keep on buying for years to come. The creator and author of KILLER SALES: Inside the mind of a serial seller; Tony knows to be the best sales performer, you need to understand how the best sales performers, think, act and behave.

Having helped over 35,000 sales professionals for the last 21 years, Tony has discovered the common traits of the top 1% of sales professionals to help your team sell more, more often, with ease.

How do you ensure your sales team’s business comes from repeat customers and referred customers? How do your sales team turn customers into raving fans, to ensure they recommend to their most trusted connections?

Tony’s keynotes are all humorous, engaging and thought provoking. The audience will have practical take-aways that can be immediately implemented into their business.

Tony Morris

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