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Our Success

Our clients get a ROI within the first month of working with us. Since 2006, our sales training has helped over 35,000 sales people to exceed their sales targets. The feedback our clients have shared with is: because all of our training is 100% practical and real life, they love the fact their teams can take action immediately to achieve instant results.

We conduct LIVE sales calls in training to your leads. We practice what we preach and demonstrate exactly what we train. We make mystery calls into your business before we start training, so we understand your biggest challenges before we deliver anything. Everything we train is tailored around your business and we give answers to your most difficult questions.

We spend time on the phone and attend valuations, providing them with detailed feedback on the areas they need to develop. “We are sales people that train as apposed to trainers that lecture”.


Introducing EA University

EA University is an eLearning solutions, that has over 350 bite-size videos for your teams to consume. The content is split up by role, so your negotiators will consume different content to your valuers. Here are some of the things covered:

Performance Insights Within EA University

Monitor Performance

The branch Manager / Director can track which of the team has accessed the courses, therefore showing who is committed to learn, grow and develop. The manager can monitor the scores in each module and therefore identify which areas they need the most help with.


There is a test after every module, to ensure the student understood the information and understands how to apply it in the real world of selling.


There is a workbook to print out for every module, so the user can fill it out as they progress through the university.

Monthly Online Meet Ups (2 x 1hr)

The EU University tribe, meet up for a Q&A with Tony and then Tony conducts live calls to their leads, to demonstrate what he teaches.

The Masterclasses Explained

Virtual Masterclasses

The 12-month masterclasses run on the 1st Monday of each month. The negotiators and valuers’ session are at 10:00am to 12:30. For branch managers, directors and owners, the session is 14:00 to 16:30.

Face to Face Masterclasses

The 12-month masterclasses run on the 1st Wednesday of each month, in the North of England (venue to be confirmed) and on 3rd Wednesday of every month in the South of England (venue to be confirmed).

The face-to-face session for negotiators and valuers’ session is at 09:30am to 12:30.

For branch managers, directors and owners, the session is 13:30 to 16:30.

Your Investment

INDIVIDUAL £ 47 £ 97 £ 397
BRANCH LICENSE £ 97 £ 247 £ 797
UP TO 5 £ 397 £ 797 £ 2,497
UP TO 13 £ 897 £ 1,297 £ 4,497
UP TO 21 £ 1,397 £ 1,797 £ 6,497
50% off the University when on Gold or Platinum packages
  • Prices are + VAT
  • Gold and Platinum investments gets 50% off EA University
  • Monthly investment for 12 months, on a rolling contract
  • If there is a change in your staff, they can be added onto the masterclass, at no cost to you
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