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About Us

Launched in 2018, flatfair aims to provide pain-free and secure renting, for all, with our suite of products. We offer agents, and their customers, peace of mind with a simple and modern way to rent.

flatfair’s innovative products and integrations help agents to be more efficient, gain a competitive advantage, offer a choice to their customers and earn more revenue.

Agents are able to offer their tenants lower upfront move-in costs, market-leading protection for their landlords and streamline their deposits.

We have three core products, offering market-leading, unique benefits to agents, their landlords and tenants. These are:

  • No Deposit allows tenants to move in faster with lower upfront move-in costs, while landlords receive market-leading protection of up to 10 week’s, as well as faster end of tenancy pay-outs.
  • Unlock Deposits enables tenants already using a traditional deposit to get their full deposit back, in exchange for flatfair’s much smaller one-off fee, while landlords instantly double the protection on their property, completely free
  • Deposits enables agents to safely offer both flatfair No Deposits and a traditional deposit side by side, on our secure platform. Our automated process means agents can streamline tenancy deposits, saving up to one hour per tenancy, whilst ensuring full compliance


We also integrate with a number of well known CRM platforms, including Goodlord, making the whole process seamless.

Agent Benefits

  • Offering their tenants a choice on how they secure their new rental, with no ongoing or additional fees
  • Giving landlords the opportunity to double their protection to up to 10 week’s, for free
  • Fast and fair end of tenancy, all facilitated on our easy to use tech platform. Landlords can receive any money owed to them in less than 10 days, once charges have been established
  • Earn additional revenue for each flatfair No Deposit used by their customers
  • The option to have all deposits in one place, our tech platform, automating the complete deposit process and ensuring compliance and an audit trail
  • Rival their competitors by offering a market-leading deposit alternative to their customers


flatfair landlord
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I didn't know much about flatfair when my tenants and I signed up. In our case, things went wrong and it turned out that i was massively fortunate that my tenants had signed to flatfair. They have been fantastic from start to finish and communicated with the tenants when things had completely broken down. It is an amazing idea and I am hugely grateful to them.
Laura Carlon
Lettings Administrator at Edmond de Rothschild
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Having the option for a flatfair No Deposit is not only great for tenants but for Landlords as well. Instead of having a large upfront cost when moving into a new home, tenants can use the No Deposit which is easy and convenient to set up.

The flatfair team are always very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable, you couldn’t find a better team! Thank you for all your help you give me and my team, here’s to working together for many more years to come!
Dan Frogley
Partner at Beals Estate Agents
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We offer a no deposit option across our 11 branch network and have found this to be extremely popular amongst landlords and tenants. On the occasion where a claim has been required flatfair have always acted fairly and efficiently for both our landlords and tenants. Having used alternative deposit replacement solutions, I found flatfair to be the best on the market.

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