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People say that knowing your market is everything. Saying it is one thing but understanding why it is so important will help your business succeed and grow.​

Your market includes your customers, your competitors and the landscape in which you operate. These three are pivotal components that define the success of your business. KnowYourMarket gives you the complete picture and delivers practical insights your business can use from the get-go. ​

With more than 20 years’ experience of market research, we are expert listeners and lateral thinkers with a background in diverse research areas. We will create an effective research design for your project whatever the scope and budget.​

At KnowYourMarket we work with our clients as business improvement consultants. Since launching we’ve become the trusted partner of choice within the home buyer and homeowner space. Our innovative products deliver actionable insights that fit with your business’s wider goals and objectives.​

We make it our mission to find out as much as we can about how your business operates and the challenges you face. That way we can tailor our solutions to provide relevant and practical feedback that works for you. And we don’t only do that once. We offer monthly 1-2-1s to go through your results and optimise our services on an ongoing basis.


Mystery shopping is a unique methodology to see your company through the eyes of your customers. It allows a business to collect objective customer service data through an independent third-party. It is free from internal bias, and created by professionals who focus on best practice behaviours which will improve your business performance. Conducting regular high-quality, bespoke mystery shopping programmes offers an extensive list of benefits.

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Do you know if your team makes the most of every lead you receive? Ensuring the prospect is aware of your mortgage and conveyancing services when relevant, perhaps?  Do you know how many leads are simply not followed up at all? If you want to improve your conversion rate from prospect-to-valuation or, more importantly, valuation-to-instruction, have you considered mystery shopping from Know Your Market? If you want to know what your competitors charge and what their pitch is, have you considered market research from Know Your Market? 


Julian Carter-Jones
Barker & Stonehouse
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The best thing about the Know Your Market's Mystery Shopping Programme is that it provides us with a laser like ability to identify training needs. Seeing both the good and not so good in our customer experiences is actually a gift – a WIN WIN. We’re able to celebrate and reward what we do best, and immediately work to improve what we don’t.
Charles Robinson
ones Robinson
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Since Autumn 2020, we've been working with Know Your Market to create a simple but effective customer feedback platform for all our clients at every stage of their journey with us.The results have been invaluable, allowing us to take action, where necessary, to recover relationships that we didn’t know were failing as well as giving us the ability to change our processes to ensure that we continue to adapt to the ever-changing needs and expectations of our customer.gether for many more years to come!
David Smith
PartaMartyn Gerrard Estate Agentsner at Beals Estate Agents
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Putting the mystery shopping programme with Know Your Market at the heart of our staff development programme has driven real behavioural change. It fuels our already ambitious team to reach new heights, ensuring we perform consistently at the top of our game to look after Martyn Gerrard customers. Directly attributable business results have followed.

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